Saturday, November 1, 2014

lemme go

hazim called, and we talked about random things. stuffs that do not matter. like the old days. kinda missing my old colleagues. i dont know. it is hard to pretend that you dont miss someone. i keep telling myself that it doesnt bother but deep down my heart, it bothers. i want all of my friends to be here. the ones from high school, uitm kuantan, uitm seremban. haha, what an impossible hope. 

but i have to stay strong. i need to remain strong. so that i can finish my degree. i can have my own job, my own money, my own car, my own house haha and travel on my own. i want to go around the world. phewww. what a dream. 

can i just go to a place where i can lay on the ground, watching the starry skies in the midnight while grateful for being alive until that day? i hope i can do so.

a sky.
a sky that full of stars.

god, may i?
one day, please.

lemme go to korea, france, italy, venezuela, uk, czech republic etc.

let's dream.
and fight for it.

this world is so beautiful.
yet fulfilled with pretty people.

be kind.
be positive.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

god, freeze it.

god. i want to freeze the time. these times. please. pleaase. pleaaase. i want to stay with my family. i want to sleep every night in my room. i want to eat whatever my mom cooks. i want to argue even for small matters with my siblings. i want to see my cats every day.

god. i dont wanna leave so soon.

it has been seven days at home but still i think it is yesterday that i say my first hye to my parents.


pahang was good.
kedah maybe better.
but terengganu will be the best yet my all time's favourite.

i dont wanna leave.
i dont wanna.

make time moves slower than it used to be.
so i can have more, more and more times to spend on with the people here.

i hate the reality that i have to return there in few days.

i hate it.