Monday, September 1, 2014

it hurts a lot

malam ini, syahdu.

acube asyik cakap rindu. roommate yang paling dekat yang paling rapat manusia paling erat kat kuantan. kalaulah muet band 4, konfem dapat pergi shah alam sama-sama. kalau. kalau. kalau.

kalau rindu acube mesti rindu khairi.

i miss acube.
i miss khai.
i miss us.

mungkin sebab bila dah rapat dengan acube automatik rapat dengan khai sebab khai pakwe acube tapi macam mana eh nak cakap sebab semua macam budak-budak entah ape ape.

dan baru dapat tahu, zam pergi usim.

terlalu menyedihkan.
sebab tak boleh bayangkan zam tak ada. dengan lawak hambar dia. hipster dia. hahaha.
tak boleh bayangkan gorgeous g cuma dalam bayangan lalu.

it hurts a lot.

menitik air mata masa zam whatsapp dia pergi usim dan sorry sebab tak dapat ikut pergi seremban.

i dont know.

rasa macam hilang.
sebab zam status dia sama macam keberadaan acube khai fiza semua2 lah.

aku kan ada abang2 dalam family gorgeous g- mimi zam fiq acap.

yang selalu ada. yang selalu menyakitkan hati. yang ajar main futsal. yang teman. yang nasihat. yang dengar cerita. yang gila. yang bikin geram. yang suka belanja aiskrim.

yang lain masih seremban,
tapi kalau zam tak ada.....
rasa macam.....

tak lengkap.

i love my kuantan family so much.
can i turn back time?
so that i can live with em once again.

it hurts.
it hurts a lot.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


i just want to be a person who can do anything to make everyone happy. i want to please people same as i do to please myself. i want people to accept for who am i. i want them to know that i am such a far-thanzperfect human. i am that kind of human. i hope i really have an ocean of love. i really do.

i am childish.
yet no a childlike one.

i always want people to listen to me. as i grow bigger, i learn how to consider with other people. should people consider what i feel too? what we give, we always get back. it is how it suppose to be. but when we give love, love does not always follow back. and it hurts so much. if you are such an immature kid, then you will stop to love. but if you are on the other side, you will never care about how people will pay it back to you.

because doing good, is better.
and you will always try better, so the best will be outcoming soon.

remember, be good. at least for yourself. be true, even when it hurts down to earth. be bold, so life will always shine ravishingly.

and what matters most, it is god who knows every single deed. pleasing god is far better than pleasing humans.

god, dont lemme go astray.
make me a better person from day to day so i can be one the worshippers whom You love. i know i am shameless but please grant me jannah. so i can meet with my loved ones in your holy heaven.

paradise, will you set me up a home at your land? T_T