Saturday, May 2, 2015

did i look pretty?

husna gave me a wide turquoise shawl about two weeks ago when we met to celebrate her belated birthday, it was a gift for my belated (also) birthday back in december.

it was a very wideeeee shawl for me at my thought. so when i first wore it, i folded it into half. i sent few pictures to husna.

and then she said that she thought it was the different shawl as she couldnt recognize it. it was not hers. because she chose the one that owned the width. haha.

still, she said that i looked pretty as always. \~.~/

later, i wore that shawl again to class. but i just let it be as it should be. i didnt fold it.

again, i sent pictures of me to husna. i asked her, did i look pretty wore it like this?

she even said, you looked prettier mekqaaaa.

hihi. ~.~

started from that day, i didnt adjust it any longer. i let it flowed as it should be. teeee heeeeee. i didnt know how you could influence me even we were afar.. but that was you. you always made it since high school.

now i realize how desperate i am to have you by my side like the old days.

i love you, husna.
even more, i miss you... husna munirah.


Asma' ^^ said...

nak tengok jugek pic of yours wearing that wide shawl without folding it.... tehehee...

Izz said...

haha takmau la malu