Thursday, August 10, 2017


lately i have been so stressed because there is too much things to handle with too much incidents happen. i feel so exhausted to cope with life. to the extend that i am telling yoe to go to island with our other cousins but we know that our parents would not let us 😂 

so he just asked me to sleep over at his house and then we can act like we are having the impostered campfire with our siblings while watching movie marathon all night long in the weekend. some sort of escapism i could say, cousins'-no-need-budget-type-of-escapism.

and last night, in chaos i needed to take over mama's cook, just at the right time the cooking gas was up to zero so she needed to cook using the rice cooker, i just got lost in everything to the scale that i asked Laa how to deal with this cooking, it was too sweet i just overpoured some sugar. 

then Laa laughed at me and said, just added up the salt. and i was like whaaaaat. what was happening to me that i could not thinking straight? fuhhh.

i just cant wait for the weekend. i really am. i need to talk to myself and fit in the situations. *sigh

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