Thursday, October 23, 2014

god, freeze it.

god. i want to freeze the time. these times. please. pleaase. pleaaase. i want to stay with my family. i want to sleep every night in my room. i want to eat whatever my mom cooks. i want to argue even for small matters with my siblings. i want to see my cats every day.

god. i dont wanna leave so soon.

it has been seven days at home but still i think it is yesterday that i say my first hye to my parents.


pahang was good.
kedah maybe better.
but terengganu will be the best yet my all time's favourite.

i dont wanna leave.
i dont wanna.

make time moves slower than it used to be.
so i can have more, more and more times to spend on with the people here.

i hate the reality that i have to return there in few days.

i hate it.

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Rossarina™ said...

wee wee ade bintang jatuh2 kat cursor die. *main2 cursor*

k komen takde kaitan. haha. have a good day, sya izz!