Sunday, January 11, 2015


the past is in the past.

what is gone, gone.
you are as verses in my life chapter.
i may see you again in the future.
i still remember the words in your verse before.
yet i dont know whether the verses of yours have been fully vanished by time.

sometimes i am dwelling in missing you.
eventhough i should not.
sometimes i need to bear my wrath about you.
because you set my blatant soul on fire.

you are no longer my present nor future.
you are my past.
i cannot hate you.
because you do good more than harm for my life.
you once make me feel that i am so blessed.
how can i hate you with all the random kindness you have done to me?

duit raya in syiling, ice cream, notes, books, words, smiles, encouragements, spirits, sarcasms.
those. yet there is still more i could not define.

it is sad that the reality, you walk into my life, creating the memories and now we are strangers.

i am, to you.
you are, to me.

i never regretting the ending of our story. it just, happens. and it happened. but i just regret that i know i lose my precious person in life.

if, if i could reverse the time... our story may be different. if, if i could choose to not into you at first... our path may never be collide.

if, only if.
god draws best.

and for me,
living well is my vendetta.

you created me back then.
you create who am i now.

thanks to you,
i become stronger than ever.
and i know i will always,
for years to come.

may god bless you,
with rains of hope and joy.
may god cherish you,
for you prior to be kind and loveable.

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