Friday, June 26, 2015

good mornight!

final exam makes everything stays in chaos. blurghhh. one more paper and tomorrow the game is over nevertheless what the result would come out months later (which i know it would be regretted lol)

thing is, i cant wait to reach home.
but, i dont want to leave this semester. okay, i wanna leave it as soon as possible but i am pretty sure that i gonna miss these times so hard.

wait, i shouldnt miss ya.
this semester isnt lovely as it should be.
yet it is tougher, harder which actually really drives me crazy in order to deal with life.

it is hard.
finally i can waive a farewell.

despites those 70% of unlucky or grieving moments for me... i cant deny that the other 30% of happiness is real and bold. yeah.

that's life.
you cant expect it to be fair and square.
and a forever, long lasting kind of happiness is like... fuh, find it in your dream.

i did learn.
lotsa things.
(i wanna cry, i dont expect myself to succeed in going through those times)

everything will be fine.

till then,
i need to sleep.

it is 6 am in the morning yet i have to wish, "goodnight. sweet dream."

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