Wednesday, February 1, 2017

please ask god

hey. i still cry for you, even after all these years. could you do me a favour? pray. pray that i can really knock you out from my heart. please ask god to give me a hand. please ask god on behalf of your favour because mine seems does not work that well. please ask god. it has been so long. i suffered. i suffocated. i just could not stand this anymore. i would kill myself because the pain is so real. please. go. away. it hurts. it hurts too much. it hurts too long. i am going to die for heartaches. please ask god to let me go. please ask god to really, really help me as i am very, very hopeless. please.

i hate you for this. i swear i hate you for every tears that keep running down my cheeks, for every aches when i endure those silly silent tears just to pull back myself together.

i swear i have been trying really, really hard to the stage that i hope i will catch an amnesia.


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