Wednesday, June 21, 2017


well. semester 6 has ended. since i have months to go before stepping into final year, well of course i need to cope with two months of practicum ii at ipd yeayyy, but along the way i decide to get myself back on the track.

i need to start all over again. what it means by starting again? i define it as going through all the books which i already bought but ignored since i keep telling myself that i have no time to work on it.

nahhh. i have times. in fact i have plenty a lot of times for books. but i thought in otherwise so i dont realize that i keep using my times for facebook, instagram, youtube and etc.

again, i deactivate them temporarily on purpose of i can have a real life. things that i want to do. things that i have always wanted to do. i need to start all over again with books. because i have been living like urghhhhhhhh i dont know but i just need my old passion. yeah. i am enjoying life. but i know i am more enjoying life back then. hey. i enjoy life with books. how can i stop just because i thought i got no time? duhh.

and, i purchased netflix, of course the free one month trial, so that i can watch the series of unfortunate events. hey it is adapted from the books i love the most to read back then in form five at the library. and i am still looking all the series of the book but i have not found it.

hey. it is good to write again. i feel the burden has been strike off. what burden? i cant tell because i cant figure it out. it is just the feeling when you just want to have a really good hot chocolate and laying down under the mat watching the starry night sky and yeah, you got your books beside. and you dont feel tired. yeahh. i just dont want to feel tired anymore. it is so tiring to feel tired out of nowhere.

well. till then.

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