Monday, October 21, 2013

After so so so so long

Good mornight!

Serious talk, it has been 18 days of my sem-break. Tapi, sampai sekarang waktu tidur aku masih lagi terikut-ikut dengan waktu tidur semasa di UiTM. Hamboiiii. Takde takde la but you know it's quite tough there. Asaimen kerja sekolah tuto cari baca kes omaiiiii buat itu ini sampai hari-hari tidur dalam pukul 1-2 pagi. Dah terbiasa. So bila balik rumah ni oh how hate it when I want to sleep but still my eyes dont compromise. It keeps open, but I dont feel like doing anything that benefits me. Keep lying on the bed and hug my little Bong Hwa. Please sleep please sleep yeah but it will not happen. Absolutely. Definitely. It has been ages for me to do not sleep at 10 pm. I want a rest, please.

Rindu UiTM. Rindu Law walaupun asyik nangis semedang when I cannot deal with it. Law for me is something that's worth enough to be studied. Law is something that I swear to God it is really really really hard for me but hey I think I am in love with it now. Tak tahu lah tu macam mana pointer sem 1 ni hmmm hmmmm tapi already tried my best. God's will, so do the result.

Undang-undang adalah satu cabang yang aku tak pernah sikit pun terfikir untuk libatkan diri. But as saying goes, God knows better. Alhamdulillah. Tak kenal maka tak cinta. Susah nak mati belajar benda alah ni bagi aku lah since it was not a good start either. But day by day everything went better. :)

9 hari lagi MUET. Band 4, please band 4.

Aku nak sambung Law Degree. I desperately want it. I have believe in myself. I have faith for myself. And I know that I can do it. I just need to push myself a little bit. Hey being coerced to do something maybe could give you some benefits in the future. Who knows? Who knows that you can turn yourself out to a better person, because sometimes we work at the best when we at the worst. There's always be miracle in disguise right? Tuhan akan tunjukkan hikmahnya. I believe so.

It's 0313 now.

I think I have to stop here.
Oh, being a law student is awesome. Cool! Believe me. You need to try it once! Er, but if my juniors want to step into this field, hmmmm, think it deeply! Hahahaha. Law was driving me crazy but alhamdulillah the love and passion are starting to grow up. It's not that bad to be in law school. Remember, God knows what He does. #notetoself


Have a good day, Allah bless!

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