Friday, August 15, 2014

with without

it is so hard to live without the people who you want to live with for the rest of time till the last breath of life.

but never forget that if people do not like you, for what you have to fear? but if allah is againts you, then what hope do you have?

i hope my tomorrow will always be better from today.
i hope my today will always be brighter than my yesterday.

i will always hope that i can be a ravishingly beautiful one. i really do. but i know i am just a person, who have nothing to be proud of. neither by god nor by humans.

'cause there are too many people whom at their peak of beauty are surrounding the earth.

may allah forgive.
may allah bless.
may allah protect.
may allah love.
may allah care.

each part of us.
each of you.

goodnight, angels on earth.
yet soon to be so in heaven, pretty people.

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