Friday, January 24, 2014

5 hours

I sit for 5 hours at the balcony, just to urge myself to strum smoothly with the chords.

It's Pencuri.
#C #AM #F #G

For zee.

But still, I cant help myself yet to control the tempo of strumming while I try to change the chord at the same time.

Now I know, why practice always makes perfect.

Ssokay. Ssokay. Things will get better. I know. I have the faith.

If only.

If only I can study my law subjects up to 5 hours just like I practice the guitar! *sigh*

Err. By the way I guess it is better for me to spend time to learn guitar than I myself get dwell in the fantasy world that never exist!

Now I know, when I am focusing on something-
I can do it well.

I even don't look for my cellphone. Cool. If only I can focuse on my law subjects as I do the same to the guitar. Lol.

I hope so.
It's never to late to learn.
The choice is yours.

Ok bye, happy weekends!


Rossarina™ said...

Hari tu lps study, me n my fren went to kedai muzik. Dia ajak belaja main alat muzik. Haha. As if we have d time to practice kan. -_-

Izz said...

ur friend? :P

nak gitar pink pastel pehlisss :P