Friday, July 3, 2015

like a fool

would it make you feel better, to watch me while i bleed?

how come i cannot totally forget you? i keep telling myself that i have moving on. i know that i already move on. even i insist myself to give another chance to another people.

but why?

like a fool, i am tangled with all the stupid memories.
like a fool, i try hard to heal all the crazy heartaches.
like a fool, i am hoping that i have amnesia because i cannot escape.
like a fool, i gather and glue all the pieces of my broken heart.

how could you be fine?

i wish i could wake up with amnesia. and forget about these stupid little things.

you are the winner.
you build me.
you destroy me.

and i scatter, falling down to earth. yes, i keep trying to fly high. somehow the curse doesnt really blow through the wind.

and i keep reminding myself, i am fine.
this is not a dream. i would be fine. i am totally fine.

you beach, i hate you.
i really hate you.

dont haunt me.
isnt it enough to let me die? *cries*

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