Tuesday, September 29, 2015

sept 27, 2015

ika buat semua ni sebab mama. papa. tok. acu. mok ngoh. atin. adik2. sebab keluarga kita. i hate it when i have to go back to kedah. i hate it when we have to apart from each other. i just wanna be with you. i want to sleep at home. i want to watch tv together. i want to hug and quarrel. i want to eat your cooks. i want to be annoyed. i want my cats. i dont want to leave. there is no other place better than home. home is where my heart at. you are my home because all space of my heart is yours. you are my soul & my life. mama papa, pray for me so that i can succeed on my own. all of things i sacrifice; just for both of you. i will live well till we meet again. dont worry, i am strong enough kan? :')

i rarely cry nowadays. but when i cry, i cry really hard like hell. i just cant stop my tears and it keeps flow down my cheeks along the journey. i close my face with sweater so that no one ever notice. i swear to god that i just wanna my family.

but this is what i have to do. i have to live well. so i stop myself from crying and promise to keep strong.

till we meet again, loves.

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