Tuesday, September 8, 2015

what if?

seperti dipeluangkan hidup untuk kali kedua.
(i will live well, god)

mungkin sedikit rindukan uum sebab kawan-kawan aku semua dah mula belajar masuk kelas bagai. masing-masing dengan #hello2ndyear.

sabaq na. satgi aku pi la join hangpa.

dan aku masih terfikir,
what if i actually die yesterday?


(tonight i want me to reject...)

start a new move.
yet a new life.

after all, i still alive.
and maybe, there will be no second chance anymore.

walk away from people who dont give any benefit.
leave everything that sucks behind.
let the hatred vanish somewhere in the air.

cause this is the chance;
to redeem every mistake
to write another page
to live my life.


Syahirah Ruslan said...

But it is so hard to leave them. Because I'll always become the bad guy. No matter what I did, I am the bad guy. Just because I seem more mature and kinda hot-tempered, so when I get mad at one of my friends who offended me, I AM THE BAD GUY. I wish I can leave, but I'm trapped :'(

Izz said...

hold on baby. i know this is hard but soon, soon... everything will turn out fine. trust me. just hang on. life sucks at some stops. but you gotta keep walking until you reach another long sunshines.