Saturday, June 20, 2009

Co-curiculum Day..!!

Salam to all my readers....i hope that all of you happy always.....nothing special to storied but a little bit about "Co-curiculum Day Of SMKANI'...Actually,this co-curiculum day just for teachers and students get enjoy and happy...just smallest welcoming...Our PK-KO,Cikgu Nazlan tell us that it will be held on this tuesday...i can't wait for it..!!!so,during that day, there a lot of interesting events and some competitions like "kawad kaki antara unit" .... My beloved unit,Pandu Puteri now get some hard practice 'kawad'..huhu...i don't want the history of last year regrettably but sometimes when be remembered,i think it is the most sweet memories to be commemorated...

I don' t care what will happen but i just want to say 'Pandu Puteri Can Be The Best..!!'

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