Saturday, February 2, 2013

My angels of A206-'12

My angels of A206-'12

with love, joy and happiness;
hajar afiah, karimal hilal,
adieya atyrrah, nur haizum, naha husna
( 0840-1600|020213;BK)

it's important to know nothing lasts forever, so we will not get entangled by the temporary matters in our life. learn to appreciate every single thing, every breath we have taken; for it is not eternal. miracle is one thing that bestowed from our Lord, yet a gift to this beautiful life.

for sure, they are one of my miracles.
and, deep down my heart.. there's no time I forget to pray for 'em.

times go on.
memories may fade.
but, the loves will always remain the same; increase to the fullest.

my guardian angels, forever will stay.
here; in one of my heart's chamber


                                                                                                                                        -Love, Orked.-

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