Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A true goodbye.

May 28, 2014.

So, really, no more you in my life. You can really live without knowing who am i. I will live well. Because you, do not matter anymore. Find your own love. Go back to your first love. I do not care. At all. You know what, because something better is coming my way. I will live far better. So do you. I do not keep any hatred, but i cannot love you as a friend any longer. We can just be a stranger for the time being, and we will stay like that for the rest of life i guess. Anyway, thanks for everything. For every lesson. For every minute you spend on me. I appreciate that, but our old days have been forgotten by me. Still, i remember the lessons, each of it. Thanks for creating me like this, and goodbye. A true goodbye. We will never meet again. Never. Let go of our past memories and live our own path of life. Yours and mine, are definitely different.

Goodbye, the one who i used to know.
Goodbye, the one who i used to love.
Goodbye, the one who i used to miss.
Goodbye, the one who i used to cannot live without.

And live well.

*delete all the past three years memories*

*and smile*


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