Sunday, March 8, 2015

be your own--

i miss you. i miss you so much. but to let my life breaks into pieces because of missing you, it's a big NO.

people come, and leave. that's the rule. either you are a blessing, or a lesson. we could never know what lie ahead years to come in future. we think we might know, but we never know indeed. i ask, and hope for the things i think good for me. but god gives me things that always make me feels, WHY?


you dont hold the future, dearself. you dont know what will happen throughout the journey. you think you know yourself better, but god knows best.

embrace it. life isn't long. deal with what you have. be grateful. be happy. be strong. be bold. be good. be humble. be passionate. be enthusiastic. be YOUR OWN MIRACLE.

i am my own miracle.
i am my own knight in shining armour.



L said...

i love all of your entries so much sya-izz :'(

fighting!!! i'm here (far away and yaa we don't even know each other) giving you all of my supports--like a pom pom girl :'P

di satu sisi. jalan hidup kita hampir sama.

L said...
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