Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dear Myself,

Dear Myself,

Do you still remember, what S had told you a couple month ago?

aku nok mung lebih tabah lepas nih
jangan jadikan masalah sebagai tekanan
jangan jadikan tekanan sebagai kelemahan
jangan jadikan kelemahan sebagai penghalang
jangan jadikan penghalang pembunuh kehidupan
jadikan kehidupan lebih cekal dengan kekuatan
kerana itulah sumber kebahagiaan
<<<The End>>>

Yes, he was saying that when you had to overcome the most biggest problem in life. That problem, the once in a blue moon. He gave you the spirit, and the motivational words. Not just for used once on that time, but please... for you to remember it always. He said the truth one. Yeahh.

And, R was giving you a reminder (more to an advice, you thought)...

"Jangan dependant sangat pada kawan, sebab kawan ini bila-bila aje Allah boleh tarik. Nak dependant boleh, tapi jangan 100%.. pada Allah aje boleh 100%..."

You love your friends.
You do love 'em much and much.

But, sometimes... you're feeling a little dumb when those brilliant-beautiful friends around you. Yeah, they're such perfect! while you're not. It is like, that they know everything and you know nothing. The fact. You're thinking all your friends most to perfect. But, that is the truth. T_T

Please, wake up yourself-lah. Everyone is good at something. You're good in bahasa as you love it damn much, but you've to try more harder for the killer subjects. Admet, Bhiyo, Physicks. Of course you've to make some super duper efforts. Just keep trying, okey?

Just, keep smiling. As R always said... smile.
Because, everyone is good at something.
No doubt.

my desk.. two years ago. purple, and the memories.

the other You

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