Friday, December 14, 2012

Timothy Green

Good evening! :)

The odd life of Timothy Green. 

This story was so beautiful! :) I could feel the senses of family-love, hope, sadness and dream. It's just, an adorable and sweet magical movie. It's about Cindy and Jim who're longing to have kid on their own. Finally, they gave up. There's nothing more could be done. One night, they jotted down how their ideal kid should be and put the notes in a box. Later, they buried the box in the yard. A miracle happened then. There's a mud-covered boy named Timothy who had leaves on both his legs appeared suddenly and called them, mom and dad.

Happiness. Timothy brought the happiness to their new family. You could find humours, miracles, loves, tears, laughters and so many more through out the movie. Yet, it's sweet and simple. Love, and be loved. That's people are for in our life :D This movies taught me the meaning of never gave up, sacrifice yet how to appreciate the matters that happened in every single breath we had taken. Because, you knew, we might do not have the chances anymore to face it once again. Every single day, brought every different story. Just learnt how to go through the days with full of joys and thought the precious times were miracles!

That's what Timothy had done. He lived his life to the fullest because he knew, when all the leaves in his legs went, he would go too. Because he did not have so much time. The saddest part was when it's destined for Timothy to leave. I cried. Yes, I cried because I could see the pureness of his parents' love when they were trying to persuade Timothy not to go. They hugged Timothy whole-heartedly. Later on, Timothy disappeared in a blink of eyes. T_________T It's so hard to let go our beloved, right? And I felt it. I just felt, I didn't want Timothy to leave his home! But, there's nothing could be done unfortunately. Timothy was just a temporary gift to Jim and Cindy. As the saying said, "It is important to know nothing lasts forever, so we'll not get entangled by temporary things in life."

I adored Jim and Cindy, because they were trying really hard in order to become a good parents.

I wanted to be like Timothy, whom always kept calm and positive. Timothy knew how to appreciate every single thing in his life.

Enough said, my heart was touched.

Timothy:  “About my leaves, I gave them all away, because that’s what you do with gifts.”


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